Korean video: PlayStation

a korean video about play station.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Korean Notes

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와이파이가 갑자기 안 터지신다구요?

So the wifi just stopped working?





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아아 네네 어젯밤부터 갑자기 안 터지더라구요

Yes, yes, it just stopped working yesterday


last night

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와이파이 공유기가 좀 오래되긴 했는데...

The wifi router is a bit old...




long time

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예 제가 한번 봐볼게요.

Okay, let me take a look.

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아... 이거 공유기가 구형이라서 수명이 다 된 것 같은데.

Uhm... It looks like it's out of date because it's old.


old model


life span

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아 그래요? 그럼 새 걸로 바꿔야겠네요?

Oh, is that so? Then we should replace it for a newer model




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그렇...죠? 아무래도 새 걸로 교체를 하시는 게 좋으시죠.

Of... course it's better to replace it with something new



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어어 그럼 새 걸로...

Uhh... Then please replace it for a new...

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그래요 그럼 새 걸로 교체해주세요.

Okay, then please replace it.

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예 알겠습니다

Yes, ma'am!

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예 설치 다 끝났습니다

Okay! The installation is complete.



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아 네 고생하셨어요. 그 출장비나 설치비 같은 게...

Thank you! How much do I owe you...?


travel expenses


Installation cost

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아 없습니다.

Oh, you owe me nothing.

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이거는 서비스 차원이기 때문에

It's complimentary!







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예 그럼 저는 들어가보겠습니다.

Then I'll be going now!

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네 감사해요~

Okay, thank you very much

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으유 요즘 세상이 참 좋아졌어.

The world has become such a better place.



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옛날에는 뭐 출장비니 설치비니...

Back then, you had to pay for the installation, travel expenses...


a long ago

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Wait a minute.

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아 예예 뭐 궁금하신 점이라도?

Uhh, any questions you have?




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이거 공유기가 원래 이렇게 커요?

Are routers usually this big?



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아유~ 요즘 뭐 4G다 5G다 해가지고 속도 따라갈려면 보통 공유기로는 안 돼요.

Ahhhhh because of 4G, 5G, to keep up with the speed, you can't do it with a regular router.




go after



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그래 여보 그 슈퍼컴퓨터도 엄청 크대잖아.

They say supercomputers are huge.


super computer



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이거는 큰 것도 아니야.

That's nothing in comparison.

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그래? 꼭 게임기 같은데

Are you sure? It looks like a gaming console.

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아니 무슨 게임기는 게임기야 여보 저거 딱 봐도 공유기 같이 생겼구만 어?

No, what kind of game machine is a game machine, Honey, that's a router no matter how you look at it.

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아유 사모님 농담도 잘하십니다.

Ahhhh Madam is also good at jokes.



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예 저는 그럼 이만 들어가보...

Okay, then I'll be going...

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I'm back!

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어 왔어? 밥은?

Hey baby, what about dinner?

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우와~ 아빠~ 플스 샀어?

Oh, wow! Dad, you bought a PS?

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아 예예 플스죠! 저게 모델명이 플스예요!

Uhh, yeah yeah! The name of that model is PS!

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플래쉬 스피드! 빛처럼 빠른 공유기 뭐 이런

Plash Speed! Because it's as fast as light.

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아유 아드님이 똑똑하시네요~!

Ahhh, what a smart boy!

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네가 공유기 모델명을 어떻게 알아?

How do you know the name of a router?

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그거 학교에서 배웠지~

I learned that in school!

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학교에서 공유기 이름을 가르쳐?

They teach you the names of routers at school?

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아 그거 기가 시간에 다 배우는 거야

Uhhhh, They teach it during giga class.

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기가 와이파이 그런 거 다...

Gigabit wifi, things like that...

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뭐야? 다들 왜 그렇게 당황해?

What's going on? What's wrong with you guys?

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아유 여보 뭔 와이파이 공유기 가지고 뭘 그래.

Oh honey, it's just a wifi router.

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얼른 들어가서 쉬어 드라마 곧 시작하실 시간이잖아.

Go and take a rest, your favorite soap opera starts soon.

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예 사모님 그럼 저도 들어가보겠습니다.

Uhh, then I'll be going now, Madam.

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어어 엄마 내가 알아서 밥 차려먹을게.

Yeeeaah mom, I'll take care of dinner myself.

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어 오빠 나 여기 지금 와이파이 공유기 바꿨거든?

Yeah - hey, I changed my wifi router

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어 근데 크기가 되게 크거든? 이름이 플스래.

And it's very big? They call it a PS.

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플스? 뭐 플레이스테이션 말하는 거야?

PS? What, you mean PlayStation?

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어? 플레이스테이...

Huh? PlaySta--

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아 예 형님 잘 지내시죠~

Oh, yeah - hey! How are you?

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어 박서방 오랜만이야 잘 지내지?

Uhh hey man! It's been a while, how've you been?

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아 잘 지내죠~ 아 예 저 형님 그 이번에 공유기 바꿨어요

Of course! Uhh, listen! We just got a new router

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저기 저 플스라고

It's called PS

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아아아 그 알지! 그 알지! 플스! 어어 그 뭐야 그

Ahhh yeah yeah I know! Of course I know! A PS, uhh... What you call it!

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플래쉬 스피드

Plash Speed

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어 그래 그거 플래쉬 스퍼트

Yeah that, that! Plash Spurt

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예예 그게 요즘 이게 이게 유행이잖아요

Yeah, uhh... it's really popular nowadays!

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그치 그치 그거 어 요즘 유행이지 어

Yeah, yeah! Everybody uses it, uhhh...

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솔직히 말해 이거 뭐야?

Be honest with me, what is this?

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어어 혜선아 나 지금 운정 중이라서 한달 뒤에 다시 전화할게 미안해!

Hey Hyesun! I'm driving right now, so I'll call you in a month, sorry!

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여보세요? 여보세요?

Hello? Hello?

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너 차 없잖아!!!

You don't even have a car!!!

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솔직히 말해

Be straight with me

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이거 뭐야?

What is this?

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3초 준다

I'm giving you 3 seconds

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야 박현석 가방만 놓고 나온다며

Hey Hyunseok, you said you'd be right back

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아 금방 놓고 나올 테니까 기다리고 있어

Yeah I'll be out there in a sec, so wait up

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우와 플스다!!!!

WOW! it's a PS!

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와 그냥 플스도 아니고 플스 프로네!!!

It's not just any PS, it's a PS PRO!

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오와 진짜 부럽다!!

WOW I'm so jelly!!

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이거 VR이랑 4K도 지원되잖아요!! 그쵸??

This support VR and 4K, am I right?

Jump To
우와 4K로 게임하면 무슨 느낌일까!

WOW it's gotta feel great to play in 4K!!!

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